Saturday, March 05, 2005

Wang Apology

I apologize for having a wang and for using it on occassion.

I apologize for calling the unisex wash room, the misogynistic heteroname: "Men's Room."

I apologize in advance for using the terms "man," "woman," "sex," "penis," "testes," "mojo," and "circlejerk."


Harry said...

I apologize for not apologizing sooner.

American Psychopath said...

ROFLMAO!!! -woody

your blog has been read and is being considered for a review by woody pulps of, a biting, satirical blog about the media and, a biting, satirical podcast about everything, both of which are under development, but will be up and running as soon as dr. pulps can steal $1,000 to pay his probation fines. in the meantime, dr. pulps posts his blog at he invites you to drop by and do something significant, like leave a comment or send some money. 

lemuel said...

Damn, you just made me smile.

I would like to apologize for the smile and for using the word "damn" in full potential view of children.

Al Newberry said...

I apologize for thinking it's really cool that you still have a Wang.

James Mosley said...

I apologize for using circle jerk, women and penis in the same sentence (did I say that out loud).