Monday, December 12, 2005

Give Us Us Free!

My friend Mush and I often break into spirited emulation of the slave character in Amistad's impassioned pleas to be freed from slavery: "Give Us Us Free! Give Us Us Free! Give Us Us Free!" Usually we do it to our wives when they harp on us to do something.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Oldie but Goodie: Palmer v. Raimondo

Hilarious interchange between the heroic and funny Justin Raimondo and the execrable Tom Palmer.

Secret Service Man

When someone disagrees with me, or sometimes just randomly, I'll tell someone, "don't you backtalk me in public!" Usually in a private conversation. Sort of puts them off balance.

I also like this: someone says, "Stephan, will you..." and I cut them off, "Don't you call me Stephan!" Usually stuns them, so they wonder for just a microsecond if they have my name wrong.

Also, when I go shopping w/ the wife, if I have my sunglasses on, as we walk across the parking lot or into a store, I circle around her and hold my hand up to block traffic and people, and scan around like an owl, playing Secret Service man. Wife hates it.

Sometimes, when we approach a restaturant, as I grab the door, I shake it as if it's locked, and give her a crestfallen look. Then she shakes her head and says, "Catholic High"

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Funny Review of Lord of the Rings

Here. By fellow Apologist Michael Barnett.

feminism poem

Someone sent this to me:

Thoughts on Feminism

Feminism's steminism:
Ugly chicks are plentyism,
And require lots of ventilism
From years of neglectilism

-- The Insightful Buffster, 2002

Thursday, December 01, 2005

King Kong

I apologize for having an unalterable prejudice that anyone who wants to see the new King Kong movie is a moron.