Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Jonah Goldberg and Bigotry

Despite our differences, there are some things that I stand in solidarity with Tom Palmer on. For example, I'm sure he was outraged by Jonah Goldberg's homophobic joke, and I condemn it as well. Indeed, Jonah: Apologize. (Although, maybe Palmer has forgiven him already, since both NRO and Cato are now allies--e.g., both are pro-state and anti-Rothbard. I kid, I kid!) The joke appeared in the Goldberg File:
The angry libertarians are still writing in. Let me be clear: Some of my best friends are libertarians. I voted for the libertarian candidate in 1992. The Overlord of National Review himself, William F. Buckley Jr., describes himself a "libertarian journalist." I'd let my daughter marry a libertarian (this of course discounts, rightly, the many off-color jokes about libertarian sexual preferences one hears from time to time in Washington. Such as the one about the wag who dropped his wallet at the Cato Institute and had to kick it all the way to Brookings before he'd pick it up). But should it be shocking that libertarians bring a different perspective to public-policy issues?

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Pete wonders if this post is appropriate to the mission statement of The Daily Apology. I am not sure, so I apologize for the post, and also for not being sure.