Thursday, March 31, 2005

Schiavo, K-Dog, Savage, and Palmer

Okay, like, eh, I apologize, eh, for telling K-dog that her position on Schiavo is a bit embarrassing, eh, because it's similar to the comments of that Morton-Downey-Jr.-esque idiot Michael Savage without also noting that my own view (2) on Schiavo is uncomfortably close to the perspective of the obsessed PC egalitarian Tom Palmer.

I also apologize, eh, for pointing out elsewhere, eh, Palmer's childish, petulant refusal to link to Bumper Hornberger's article.

And also for, like, descending into Kanuck-speak, eh?

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freeman said...

I apologize for engaging in "Kanuck speak" even though I'm not a Kanuckian. Then again, I grew up techincally north of the closest entry point into Canada, which is pretty strange, eh?