Friday, March 04, 2005

eurocentric foot-in-mouth

I apologize for my ancestors killing all those Indians with guns, booze, and blankets -- even though my ancestors hadn't yet come to North America when any of that happened. (But the people who did the Indian-killing sort of looked like my ancestors, and I apologize for the resemblance.)

And I'm sorry I just referred to Native Americans as Indians.

In fact, I'm sorry I ever called anyone an "Indian giver" when I clearly should have called them a "Native American giver" instead.


freeman said...

Hey, there's no need to apologize for using the term "Indian". Our glorious federal government calls them that within their federal regulation code books. If the government does it, then it must be OK.

Vache Folle said...

On behalf of the indigenous folks of North America, I accept your apology. I apologize for presuming to represent the indigenous folks of the continent when I do not, in fact, represent them.