Monday, April 25, 2005

Mises Institute apology

I must apologize for being a fan of the Mises Institute. Why? Well, it seems that some people, who are clearly distracted by various strawmen, equate the Mises Institute with being pro-slavery, pro-Baathist, and in collusion with leftists who have a warped definition of capitalism. In their eyes, I must be one sick puppy, so as long as they see things this way I feel as though I should apologize to at least make them feel more at ease as they continue to praise the leash that binds them.

The two books that I ordered from the Mises Institute book store during their sale arrived today. With both Making Economic Sense and Wall Street, Banks, and American Foreign Policy now sitting on my desk, I have plenty of Rothbard's wisdom to keep me occupied for the next few weeks. Of course, the latter book, when you think about it's title, must mean that Austrian economists and their admirers are just delusional leftists in disguise. Sorry for confusing people by advancing ideas that conflict with conventional statist logic.

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Pete said...

What is this Mises thing you are talking about?