Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Ebeling on Antisemitism

A heartfelt apology for the faux paus of my fellow libertarian and Austrian, Dr. Richard Ebeling, President of the Foundation for Economic Education, for having the audacity to write on "Mises's analysis of the basis of anti-Semitism in the interwar period in Europe, and the fate of the Austrian Jews" in his article Ludwig von Mises and the Vienna of His Time (part 1). Of course, non-Jews have no right to have any opinion about anti-Semitism (except that they can't adhere to it), just as men have no right to an opinion on abortion and so on.

Woops--here I am, myself, a non-Jew, writing in an indirect way about anti-semitism. I apologize for my hypocrisy.

And waitasec--how do I know Ebeling is not Jewish. Maybe he is. I deeply apologize for having wondered about it, now.

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iceberg said...

As a Jew, I commend both Ebelings enlightening article, and Stephan's bravado to bring it to my attention.

Now if you will please excuse me, I have to go back to the World Zionist Overlords Committee meeting from which I temporarily absconded.