Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Bad Email Etiquette

Today I received an email from the secretary of a former law school classmate (whose name I don't even remember). The Secretary included over a hundred email addresses--presumably those of the alumni of LSU Law Class of 1991--in the cc line, and said:

"Ms. Donna Unkel Grodner has requested that I set up email addresses for the LSU Alumni of 1991. Please advise if you have received this email. Thank you"

The email included that stupid frilly green leaf border that some jackasses use in their email.

I replied--to all--as follows:

"Big Daddy has received it. Big Daddy dislikes stationery backgrounds in email messages, even more than he dislikes when people put their sign-off email signature in a script font. Far worse are people who reply to all. "

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You've got to wonder why some people blow each other's privacy so casually. Putting "everyone" into the "to" field really ticks me off.