Monday, June 27, 2005

The Shadow Justice

Yo yo, I am thinking about starting a blog to give my opinion on how recent Supreme Court cases should have been decided (and the opinions of other libertarians who want to join in). I was talking about it with the Gilster and we think some good possible names are:
  • The Shadow Justice
  • Libertarian Justice
  • Dissent in the Ranks
  • The Court Intellectual
  • The Supreme Revisionist
  • A Case of the Red-Ass (nevermind; that's a Louisiana Coonass-ism)
  • Justice Unplugged
  • Libertarian Supremacy
  • The Daily Constitutional
  • The Constitutional Nag
Any thoughts on a good name for da blog?


Tom L said...


I like The Daily Constitutional the best.

Consider also:
Having a Weak Constitution
Constitutional Enema


born to run said...

How about "What were they smoking?"

Seriously, I like the Daily Constitutional. (You could start a whole series of "daily" blogs.)

Vache Folle said...

How about WWSKD?

Patrick Tinsley said...

I think either "The Court Intellectual" or "Supreme Revisionist" would be good. They are witty without being crude. Anything having to do with "enema" would be best avoided.

Tom L said...


I agree with you on the 'enema' thing... it was meant to be a rilly bad joke.

The Daily Constitutional is the best, I think.