Thursday, June 16, 2005

I "care" for you. BULLSHIT!

That irks me, in movies, when people say, "Because, because--I care for you." I have never known anyone in real life to say "I care for you." They say, I like you, or I love you.

"I care for you" is the modern agnostic analog to people saying "gezundheit" instead of "God Bless you" (as they do in movies--in real life, I've only seen it a few times, adopted by liberals as an affectation), or "would you move in with me" instead of "will you marry me".

I have also never known anyone in my life who treats the "let's move in together" question as some weighty move that should be celebrated, almost like a mini-marriage. The Hollywood movies MAKE ME SICK.


Vache Folle said...

So that's what made you sick. Usually people say "I care about you" not "I care for you". And shacking up is a pretty big move, although it often happens insidiously, one little trespass at a time until you discover that you are cohabitating. The big discussion is whether the mover inner should give up his or her place.

jmc said...

I grew up in a strict Catholic family, and when somebody sneezed we would often say "Gezundheit", though not as often as "God bless you". No liberals in our house either, though I consider myself a "classical liberal" as well as a Catholic, and to this day I still say "Gezundheit" some of the time. I apologize for saying "so there". (You're right about the other stuff).