Monday, June 13, 2005

Libertarianism: The Movie

First task: casting. This ought to be interesting.

Ayn Rand: Helen Mirren, of course.
Murray Rothbard: Jason Alexander (the guy who played George on Seinfeld)
Stephan Kinsella: Michael J. Fox (pre-palpitations)
Hans Hoppe: maybe that guy who played in The English Patient, Ralph Fiennes?
Walter Block: Ned Beatty?
Tom Palmer: Jeremy Irons. Nathan Lane? Paul Giamatti?
Jeff Tucker: Chris Elliot (the guy from the David Letterman show)
Joe Salerno: Joe Pesci?
Tibor Machan: Michael Caine
Lew Rockwell: James Garner. John Rhys-Davies. Frank Gaffney.
David Gordon: John Lequizamo.
Guido Huelsmann: Ashton Kutcher. Rutger Hauer.
Karen DeCoster: Wynona Ryder. Brittany Murphy. Laura Dern.

and so on. Join in. I'll add to the cast as I receive suggestions (either post a comment, or email me at nskinsella -at- gmail dot com.


Manuel Lora said...

I think Walter Block should be just like Robert Duvall in The Apostle!

Vache Folle said...

What would the plot of such a movie be? A sort of My Dinner with Murray? A series like Seinfeld might be better since libertarians mostly talk. The characters could go on humorous but educational anti-government rants each week as they encounter some instance of the state's interference in their lives.

Or maybe a SciFi channel original series where the characters live in an anarco-capitalist world of their dreams.