Saturday, October 06, 2007

My Second Annual Apology

I am a month off my annual apology requirement - so I apologize for that up front.

I apologize for thinking that people ought to make their own way in life, for not believing that the government has any real answers for most of the problems that I or anyone else face and for not seeing any real difference in Republicans and Democrats. I apologize for not feeling sympathy for people that wish to live as victims and seek to blame others for all of their problems. I am sorry that I went to Iraq more than once, spent almost two and a half years of my life there for nothing of real note or value. I apologize for believing that it is ok to be conservative and believe that the government lies, cheats and steals. I am sorry for thinking that small really is beautiful and for wishing that life would just slow down a bit. I am sorry for not shopping at Wal-Mart. I apologize for calling my boss a self-absorbed scoundrel (well, I'm not really sorry for that).

El Cid


Anonymous said...

Your not alone in your apologetic nature, yet we should NOT be apologizing for these views. FORGET Wallmart and FORGET our current government. I APOLOGIZE for having a voice and not using it, but for no longer! I WONT apologize for supporting Dr. Ron Paul ... and we dont have to.

ikantspel said...

I'm with anonymous! Of course, I detect a slight bit of sarcasm.