Wednesday, May 11, 2005


I like the words meticulous (as in, that's a meticulously crafted argument, as an anonymous reviewer said about the early draft of my article Estoppel: A New Justification for Individual Rights, later published in Reason Papers in Fall 1992); glimmer (as in the great title to the stupid Steven Seagal movie The Glimmer Man); and especially drizzle (as on a menu when they say something is "drizzled" with chocolate or some sauce). In fact I think if I open a restaurant I will call it Drizzle.

I apologize for this post not having any apology in it. Waitasec. Now it does. I retract my apology. ... But.... if I retract it... then I have to apologize again. Damnit, now I'm in a fricking self-referential fugue state. For which I apologize.

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Vache Folle said...

"Elegant" is also good when modifying argument. "Exquisite" is perfect with pain.