Friday, November 11, 2005

Jeremy Sapienza Apologizes

I'm so, so sorry Tom Palmer of the Cato Institute is a lying douchebag. I also profoundly apologize for fraternizing with the likes of Stephan Kinsella, Karen DeCoster, and other crazies from


David J. Heinrich said...

I was going to rigorously defend you on Tom G. Palmer's blog, but then I noticed that you issued your own slanders against Hans Hoppe and Gary North when responding to Tom Palmer. I don't think it's becoming it is to respond to Tom's slanders while devoted libertarians.

Jeremy Sapienza said...

Hoppe is mostly fine, but I was illustrating that I disagree with his stance on immigration/race.

And Gary North is just a slobbering religious nutball.

Stephan Kinsella said...

Jeremy, what do you mean "just" a religious nutball? Despite his religious stuff (with which I also strongly disagree), he has other sound stuff, e.g. his critique of Coase. No?