Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Feed Pigs Swill

I would like to apologise for not heeding the wise words of such dignitaries as Aristotle, Gellius, Shakespeare, the bible, etc., etc., as I occasionally argue with those who are not worth the trouble. One time I was asked, "Maybe our differences are caused by us having different aims? I want what is best for society in general. Do you argue just out of your own self-interest?" So, of course, to this I had to respond and tell the truth, that I was only in it for the money and respect that the holder of such a popular philosophy as libertarianism expects to recieve.

On another occasion when I was trying to explain that I was a big fan of the Austrian school of economics, I was instantly interrupted "You know, Hitler was from Austria?" I then tried to explain that the Austrian school are as anti-fascist as can be. I said I was not a fascist, but an anarchist. Needless to say, that didn't help either. In the back of my head I realise that eventually we must succeed in educating these folk for their to be a truly free and humane economy. And, by the way, these two examples of insolence were not from strangers, but people who I have known for years.

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Vache Folle said...

Could you put one of the re-education camps in my town? I have a lot of candidates for internee positions and have some ideas on inculcating pure libertarian dogma.