Monday, April 25, 2005

stuff I don't get

Gene Healy passes on to me the Caesar's Bath meme.

I apologize for not understanding the fuss over:

1. Watching Professional Sports

I can understand watching your kid play in little league, or playing a pick-up game of basketball. I can even (sort of) understand watching your Alma Mater's team. But rooting for a professional team of overpaid (so I say) kids throw around a ball? Seems like a boring waste of time.

2. The Aesthetic Values of Cars

My wife and my best friend from college like cars. That is, they get excited by the look of a car. I get excited about the fact that my Honda Odyssey has a fold-down back seat that lets me fit a whole sheet of plywood from Home Depot.

3. The Allure of Gambling

My best friend from college likes to gamble like some people like to golf. At least golfing includes walking around in beautiful landscape.

4. Smoking

Why would you at one and the same time claim that chiefly the lower classes smoke and smoke cigars regularly? Leave it to Normie, the lowest-class high class guy I know.

5. Blogging

Don't you people have better things to do with your time than blather on about inconsequential crap? Oh, nevermind.

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Stephan Kinsella said...


Re pro sports: I hear ya, but as a counterpoint, two words: Anna Kournikova.

Re smoking: cigar smoking is upscale and cool. Cigarettes are white trash. Get it? (For one, you don't chain smoke cigars; once a month is fine; and they are not the health-hazard cigarettes are, so that smoking them does not display near as much high time preference. Moreover, cigars smell good, and are made or pure whole leave terbacky; cigarettes have shredded tobacco mixed with fillers and chemicals; it's comparing ground meat to filet mignon.)

I have spoken. So let it be written, so let it be done.